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Agence d'anthropologie digitale appliquée au Business et au Marketing

Digital anthropology agency applied to Business and Marketing

Agence d'anthropologie


Antropomedia’s objective is to show its clients the results of research developed in the field of Digital Anthropology and Data Sciences while remaining faithful to its editorial line: the concern of synthesis, explanatory pluralism, multidisciplinarity and reflexivity.

Create societal value by bringing consumers and businesses together

The new Swiss subsidiary, located in Neuchâtel, is made up of a team of anthropologists and social science specialists particularly driven by the desire to create societal value by enabling brands to improve their understanding about how their consumers’ choices are guided by social dimensions and the views of others.

Better understand the audiences and the social dimensions of their choices

Helping brands to better understand their markets allows them to reduce their advertising waste, which is one of the foundations of our motivation and our commitment. In addition to a desire to apply our analytical skills to the gradually dehumanized digital world and to simply live off our passion by doing applied research with broader impacts than just academic spheres.

Reduce waste costs due to mistargeted advertizing


Antropomedia - Etudes de marché - Marketing - Tribal -

Antropomedia is a scientific agency, created in 2011 in Mexico and supported by TEC de Monterrey. Founded following a café-debate at El Café del Abuelo in San José Insurgentes by social science experts (Marcos de Colsa, Axel Mayen, Alejandro Servin Aroyo and Luis Jaime Gonzales Gil) and with the support of the professor and entrepreneur Eduardo Caccia, a digital marketing specialist. They shared their dissatisfaction with traditional marketing, the “commercialization” of human beings and the dehumanization of the internet.

From Indra's universe to digital universes

The founders also say that Anthropomedia is inspired by the teachings of the Indra’s Sutras, sacred texts of Mahayana Buddhism that describe the universe and its interconnection as a net woven and adorned with countless shining pearls. Our logo represents this net, symbol of the webs (links) and pearls (individuals) of the internet network.

Thanks to the hypertext and the exchanges on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the "marabout-end of the string-saddle of a horse" effect is in full swing: digital constitutes a matrix of unexpected and fortuitous discoveries which represents the very salt of the culture. The Internet is causing a snowball effect on the appetite for culture.

David Lacombled
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