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Antropomedia - Anthropologie digitale appliquée à l'étude de marché

Understanding audiences and how to reach them better

Études de marché

Define new business approaches inspired by our market research and anthropological analyzes of your social networks.

The average conversion rate for Facebook ads is only 9.2%. Likewise, the average reception of advertising is very low depending on the market segment. However, the answers to increase this rate lie in your audiences.

Antropomedia defines new ways of communicating thanks to our qualitative and quantitative analyzes of Big data. With ten years of experience abroad with both local and multinational companies, our agency targets audiences at the heart of their concerns by carrying out innovative market research based on the social networks of B2C companies.

Digital anthropology applied to Business and Marketing

Collective dimensions significantly guide purchasing behavior, especially on digital platforms, so our goal is to understand the links between consumers and what leads them to converge.

Your social networks hold the keys to the success of your communication.

Discover our methods to understand and apply them as well as how a collaboration unfolds.

They trust Antropomedia

Listing de clients d'antropomedia
Listing de clients d'antropomedia

No man is an island, a whole in itself; each man is part of the continent, part of the sea.

John Donne

ESOMAR is a community of researchers and research users from over 130 countries. With over 4,900 individual members and over 400 member companies, we represent a network of over 35,000 industry professionals. Since 1948, ESOMAR has brought together the research sector with the aim of sharing knowledge, promoting good practices and agreeing on the future of the sector, in the form of an international community based on common principles of ethics. The enhancement, promotion and protection of market research, social research and opinion polls are at the heart of our business.

Logo d'ESOMAR. ESOMAR est une communauté de chercheurs et d’utilisateurs de recherches issus de plus de 130 pays. Avec plus de 4 900 membres individuels et plus de 400 sociétés membres, nous représentons un réseau de plus de 35 000 professionnels de l’industrie.
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