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Étude de marché et analyses anthropologiques des réseaux sociaux.

Market studies and anthropological analyzes of social networks.


Solutions and support

Antropomedia has a panel of analytical solutions developed by the fields of Digital Anthropology and Data Sciences.

Our solutions offer brands the ability to create and deepen relationships of loyalty and credibility with customers, unite new audiences and achieve more organic growth thanks to the strategic position of certain individuals within the networks.

Marketing and engineering teams can use our results to define new business approaches inspired by target audiences.

Social Sciences


The Why?
The People

10 individuals to uncover 100 ideas

Data Sciences


The What?
The Numbers

100 people to validate 10 ideas

Progress of a collaboration

Define your specific needs

In order to define new commercial and marketing approaches where they appear necessary to you, we support you in putting into action what we call tribal thinking. To do this, we work with you to determine the most strategic digital public places, which can also include those of your competitors, expert magazines or public figures. We then analyze these to identify customer tribes, potential future customers as well as tribal leaders and network convergence nodes.


Undertake the most appropriate research

The research begins following the definition and signature of the contract most suited to your needs, selected among the various proposals regarding the application of our services. You will immediately receive our chronogram of the various stages of the commissioned research and its support, as well as a detail of the results to come in the final report. You do not need to send us anything, neither files nor customer data. We find all of our data using our methodology specific to the study of social links from social and digital anthropology and do not use any tracking method or private data. The cost of the research depends on the size and number of digital places analyzed as well as the number of connections and interactions. Payment is made in two installments.

Presentation of the results

A comprehensive manual of information, insights and recommendations is presented to you in a session at the end of the research. The content varies depending on the mandate. It is essentially based on the results of our two central research methods (Social Web Insights, Social Media Profiling).

Extend the collaboration

Following the initial research, we also offer a watch service, tribal monitoring and performance analysis over time thanks to our quantitative and qualitative indicators (Accurate Targeting) as well as support during the application of our recommendations and the integration of tribal thinking. We then carry out sessions with your marketing teams in order to extend the transmission of our expertise to advertising and marketing design (Advertising Concepts) and identify for each period the most realistic, applicable, measurable and time-appropriate approaches.

Nous effectuons nos analyses sur les réseaux sociaux suivants :
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tik Tok)

Analyse des réseaux sociaux

Social Web Insights

This study reveals the inventory of digital tribes present on the social networks of brands, competing brands, expert magazines and personalities. This also includes a strategy section in which recommendations are made to attract only those tribes most likely to become your customers.

Social Media Profiling

Social media profiling is used to develop public relations campaigns that take into account the most important users (tribal leaders) within the online communities studied. These can serve as spokespersons for your brand, assert its legitimacy and ensure organic growth through the influence of networks.

Recherche Polymedia

This study uses the qualitative methodologies of digital ethnography to further refine the results obtained by the two services “Social Web Insights” and “Social Media Profiling” by interacting directly with the identified tribal leaders.

Accurate Targeting

Our monitoring service offers both support in implementing the results recommended by our “Social Web Insights” and “Social Web Profiling” studies as well as monitoring the evolution of the tribes that make up your audience.

Social media is one area of business where you don’t need to outspend your competitors in order to beat them.

Hal Stokes
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