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Revealing the hidden reasons driving engagement

At Antropomedia, we help start-ups, enterprises and organisations thrive in today’s complex and evolving business landscape. We apply methods from digital anthropology and other social sciences to give context and human meaning to Big Data, with the goal of helping our clients better understand the people who believe in their business and those who have yet to discover it.

By standing at the intersection of social and data sciences, we uncover deep brand and consumer insights that traditional market research often overlooks. This unique approach allows you to go beyond demographics, revealing the shared values and interests that bond your audience. With us, you’re not just understanding data, you’re comprehending the reasons why customers engage or not towards your brand and your content.

Our results tell the stories behind numbers and statistics and enables you to foster customer loyalty, drive conversions and make informed strategic decisions backed up by scientific methods. Ready to join us in decoding the digital human experience ? Let’s embark on this journey today !

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Take part in what matters to the people

Why Is It Important?

In today’s intricate digital world, businesses of all types are faced with numerous challenges, such as cutting through the noise, converting potential customers and building loyalty. Understanding your audience, creating impactful connections and meaningful interactions is increasingly critical.

Traditionnal demographic segmentation and conventional methods of achieving these goals can sometimes fall short. That’s where Antropomedia steps in.  We delve into the driving forces behind digital behavior, analyzing why individuals engage with content, events, and narratives.

This approach is about ‘connectivitics‘ – the art of creating meaningful connections that drive conversions. We understand what matters, why it is important and thus can engage towards it. Brands and organisation engagement drives customers’.

How Can We Help?

Our expertise helps you to understand the shared values and interests that truly matter to consumers, what brings them together, how you can participate in their conversations, enabling you to resonate more deeply with their ‘tribes’ and build lasting, significant relationships.

We assist you in comprehending your digital ecosystem, identifying your strategic tribes and formulating effective strategies to interact meaningfully with them.

Inspired by our findings, your narratives can echo authentically within the tribes, while answering to their true needs and desires. You will bring the unexpected where it is the most expected.

What Will You Achieve?

Our tribal marketing approach enables you to better meet your audience’s needs and bring them closer to you. Informed by both human-centered and data-driven insights, you will create compelling messages, products, or services that foster connection and loyalty within your strategic tribes.

You will know and understand your customer base and the market segments you have yet to reach, what generates the most engagement and therefore the most potential conversions, with whom and why, both with you and your competitors. This enables your campaigns to be better informed and targeted, allowing you to reduce volumes while maintaining your objectives.

Altogether, our work support the ethics of your growth and your ability to respond to consumers’ needs and values. It will help you stand at the meeting point between your objectives and those of your consumers. They will recognise that you are listening to them, that you are not forgetting anyone and that you want to be a part of the solution.

Overcome uncertainties and be certain where to aim with scientific insights

The Office des Vins Vaudois entrusted Antropomedia with the study of behaviors and expectations of consumers of alcoholic beverages. The results surpassed our expectations, providing insights much richer than the usual socio-demographic data. This success was evident during the presentation to industry professionals, leading to the publication of a brochure for winegrowers, innovative ideas, and the adaptation of our communication and events.
Benjamin GEHRIG
Director of the Office des Vins vaudois
Working with Antropomedia has been a true revelation for us. Their digital anthropological method provides an understanding of customers that neither quantitative nor qualitative marketing research can equal. We collaborated on three diverse projects—hospitality, education, wine—and each time, the insights gained were crucial in creating successful and authentic customer experiences. I highly recommend their studies for any company eager to truly comprehend its customers and offer them positively memorable experiences.
Stéphane FELLAY
Founder and partner at Experientiel Sàrl

Customized services to fit your needs

At Antropomedia, we believe that every project is unique, which is why we adopt a tailor-made approach for each of our customers. Based on your needs and objectives, we build a package together, choosing the most appropriate tools and methodologies to achieve your goals. 

The services we offer have helped our clients build communication, innovation and content that resonates and influences their consumers’ decision making, while at the same time giving them valuable leads on new ways to monetize their businesses and grow the value of their brands.

Social Web Insights

Social Web Insights is a research method based on the analysis of collective behaviors on social networks to reach a deep understanding of an ecosystem’s (like a brand and its competitors market) digital tribes. 

This tool allows us to build the most relevant recommandations to reach objectives towards strategic tribes.

Social Media Profiling

Social Media Profiling is a service used to present the most strategic and relevant individuals and tribe leaders found within the online communities studied. These persons are essential to execute meaningful digital public relations campaigns that will reach organic growth.

We accompany you through the process of building collaborations and relationships with these profiles.

Polymedia Research

Polymedia is a comprehensive research service combining digital methods (tribe recognition and analysis of the brand or category conversation) with offline research (in-depth interviews, multisite ethnographies, field reconnaissance, etc).

This hybrid tool gives us all the necessary agility to answer very specific and tricky questions. 


Our AI tool, Datasophic, allows the mining of comments in Social Media through APIs so that they can be related to digital tribes and thematic categories. By training artificial intelligence, it is possible to obtain visualizations of the statistics of each category to enhance Customer Experience.

With this tool, we can “take the temperature” on very large scales to further inform the semantics.

How can these services be applied ?

Using tribal marketing and post-demographic segmentation can offer businesses a fresh, more in-depth way to connect with customers. Here are some ideas and examples on how our clients have been using the insights and strategies we provided them. Of course if you have ideas of your own, we would be happy to discuss them with you !

Market Research

Market Research

  • Dive Deep into Communities: Find 'tribes' or unique communities naturally formed around shared values, identities, interests, or experiences related to your brand.

  • Understand Your Tribes: Begin by identifying and understanding the 'tribes' or communities that exist within or around your brand and those that are likely to become loyal.

Communication & Advertising

Communication & Advertising

    • Authentic Messaging: Tailor your messaging to echo the values and interests of your identified tribes. Authenticity is key. Show that you know what matters to the people and that it matters to you too.

    • Personalized Campaigns: Reach out with campaigns that feel like they're made for the individual and yet touch many.

    • Leverage Influencers and Leaders: Within tribes, there are often influential figures or opinion leaders. Collaborating with the voices that count in your communities can help in spreading the message effectively.

    • Customized Experiences: Organize events including experiences or zones based on post-demographic segmentation insights, ensuring every attendee finds something that aligns with their personal interests.

Human Resources & Talent Management

Human Resources & Talent Management

  • Culture Building: Foster an internal tribe within your company, nurturing a shared set of values and goals, which can lead to higher employee retention and motivation.

  • Talent Acquisition: Use post-demographic segmentation to understand what potential employees value and cater your employer branding and benefits accordingly.

Product Development & Innovation

Product Development & Innovation

  • Customized Solutions: Craft products or services that resonate with the unique needs, interests or values of specific communities, enhancing relevance and therefore commitment and engagement

  • Special Editions: Surprise and delight with tribe-specific or limited editions of products to cater to specific communities, adding a touch of exclusivity. Bring unexpected surprises and relevance !

  • Co-Create with Your Tribes: Invite your communities into the early design and development process, blending their insights with your expertise for standout offerings. This not only ensures products are aligned with the tribe's values but also increases the tribe's ownership and affinity for the product.

Feedback & Iteration

Feedback & Iteration

  • Feedback Loops: Establish robust feedback mechanisms within tribes to continuously understand their evolving needs and preferences, therefore keeping your offerings fresh and relevant.

  • Agile Approach: Fine-tune strategies and offerings as you gather more data and insights about your tribes. ensuring you're always in sync with your market.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnerships & Collaborations

  • Strategic Alliances: Collaborate with other businesses or brands that resonate with your identified tribes, creating win-win scenarios and cross-promotion opportunities.

Community Building

Community Building

  • Create Shared Spaces: Design platforms where your communities can engage and come together, be it online forums, social media groups, or even real-world events.

  • Loyalty Programs: Design loyalty programs that reward not just purchasing but also engagement and community participation.

  • Community Support: Leverage tribal communities for peer-to-peer support, where members help each other solve problems or share knowledge.

Content Creation & Publishing

Content Creation & Publishing

  • Curated Content Streams: Develop content channels or playlists aimed at specific tribes or behavioral segments, from podcasts to blogs or video series.

  • Collaborative Storytelling: Engage with tribes to co-create content, be it a community-driven web series, articles, or documentaries.

Training & Corporate Culture

Training & Corporate Culture

  • Internal Alignment: Ensure that your internal teams, especially customer-facing roles, understand the tribes and post-demographic segments you're targeting to maintain consistent and authentic interactions.

  • Culture of Understanding: Let tribal marketing and post-demographic principles permeate your company ethos, leading to customer-centric decision-making at every turn.

  • Value-driven Initiatives: Develop CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives that align with the values of the tribes you engage with, creating more meaningful and impactful social contributions.

This is not only a call-to-action, it's a call-to-value

L’Office des Vins Vaudois a confié à Antropomedia l’étude des comportements et attentes des consommateurs de boissons alcoolisées. Les résultats ont dépassé nos espoirs, offrant des perspectives bien plus riches que les données sociodémographiques habituelles. Cette réussite s’est manifestée lors de la présentation aux professionnels du secteur, débouchant sur la publication d’une brochure pour les vignerons, des pistes d’innovation et l’adaptation de notre communication et de nos événements.
Benjamin GEHRIG
Directeur de l’Office des Vins vaudois
Travailler avec Antropomedia a été une véritable prise de conscience pour nous. Leur méthode anthropologique digitale offre une compréhension des clients que ni les études marketing quantitatives ni qualitatives ne peuvent égaler. Nous avons collaboré sur trois projets variés — hôtellerie, formation, vin — et chaque fois, les insights obtenus ont été cruciaux pour créer des expériences client réussies et authentiques. Je recommande vivement leurs études pour toute entreprise soucieuse de vraiment comprendre ses clients et de leur offrir des expériences positivement mémorables.
Stéphane FELLAY
Fondateur et associé d’Experientiel Sàrl
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