About Antropomedia

The Villa Perret, where our office is located.

Antropomedia was born in 2011 at the Tec de Monterrey (Mexico) when digital Humanities researchers came to the conclusion that knowledge of humans on the internet is delegated to the almost exclusive use of technology and quantitative data. As anthropologists, they felt invested in a mission to propose methods that would rehumanize digital analysis. Knowing what people do is not sufficient; it is necessary to understand why they do it. In this sense, the social sciences reveal all their usefulness as a complement of information to existing approaches. The depth of the qualitative meets the width of the qualitative.

In 2021, Antropomedia’s European activity started when Anthropologists from the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) got in touch with the agency founders. We shared the same views on both our discipline and the needs of the markets. Thus, the collaboration started, and we have since had the chance to work with swiss clients from different sectors (consumption, luxury, education, tourism): Office des Vins Vaudois, Ikepod, HE-Arc, and Association Romande des Hôteliers (ARH).

Social Sciences and Data Sciences join their forces to show what technology alone cannot reveal. Understanding how human beings live this interconnected reality. Data tell what people do but not why they do it, who they truly are or what “tribes” they belong to.

Our team

The Swiss team in Neuchâtel.


Antropomedia (Mexico)

The founders of Antropomedia surrounded by the rest of the mexican team.


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